Wild Rabbit Sees Pet Bunny And Does Everything To Win Her Heart

When a YouTube user bill16504 opened his sliding door to let some fresh air in, the least he expected was his bunny, Pep, to get tangled up in a romance, but that's exactly what happened. A curious wild rabbit approached Pep and it was love at first sight. Sadly, their love was a forbidden one.

One warm spring day, a pet bunny named Pep was sitting in her favorite spot by the window...

Wild rabbit approaches pet bunny

... when suddenly an unexpected visitor - a wild rabbit - appeared in front of her

Wild rabbit getting closer to pet bunny

The wild rabbit was instantly smitten with Pep, and tried to get closer to her...

Wild rabbit and pet bunny sniff each other

Pep was intrigued, too - she gently nuzzled her suitor through the screen

Rabbit and bunny nuzzle

Sadly, she knew their love was a forbidden one, so she made a wise choice - she ran away

Wild rabbit and pet bunny get to know each other

After all, house bunnies and wild rabbits can't successfully mate... they're just too different

Pet bunny turns her back to wild rabbit

The wild rabbit, however, was left heartbroken as he was looking at her go

It's a tale old as time. Hopefully, he found a more suitable partner for his affections.

Wild rabbit looks devastated after pet bunny turns her back on him

Watch the full video here:

Source: YouTube (h/t)

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