This Rare Chimera Cat Has Stunningly Symmetrical Two-Toned Face (12 Pics)

When this British shorthair kitten was born one year ago, it was instantly clear that he's not like the other cats. There was something peculiar about his face colors...

Newborn british shorthair kitten

Meet Narnia, the amazing chimera kitten!

This fascinating little kitten stood out from his siblings right away. The moment his France-based breeder Stephanie Jimenez saw him, she knew she'd not be able to say goodbye to this blue-eyed kitty.

A litter of british shorthair kittens

Sephanie Jimenez decided not to put this tiny chimera cat for sale and kept him for herself

Of course, there should have been many people interesting in getting this rare chimera kitten but Jimenez fell in love with him the moment she saw his two-toned face and ever curious eyes...

British shorthair chimera kitten

Time flew and Narnia grew up to be a strikingly beautiful cat with a perfectly symmetrical face

The older Narnia got, the more apparent the flawless distinction between his grey and black sides of his face got.

Stunning chimera cat with grey and black toned face

I guess we can all agree this kitty is cute... what is a chimera cat though?

The definition of a chimera cat goes pretty much like this: a feline is known as a chimera when its cells contain two types of DNA. This is caused when two embryos fuse together. What this basically means that cats like Narnia are their own twins. 

Perfectly symmetrical grey and black toned cat

How do we know for sure that Narnia is a chimera cat?

The truth is - we don't. To be technically correct, Narnia would have to be tested in a labaratory to know that he's a chimera cat for sure. But his rare looks (the striking division of his face into two sides) are a great indicator that he's a chimera cat. 

Narnia looks just like Venus, the famous chimera cat

Venus the chimera cat with two faces became a major internet sensation because of her extraordinary half-split face.  Some people couldn't even believe that this cat wasn't photoshopped at first! We can't blame them - Venus even has eyes of different color because of heterochromia. It's a condition caused either by the relative excess or the lack of pigment.

Venus the two faced chimera cat

Chimeras in Greek mythology

It’s such a rare natural phenomenon that it used to fascinate people way before Venus The Chimera Cat made online history.  In Greek mythology chimera refers to a hybrid monster that is made from several animals. It was usually portrayed as a part lion, part goat, part snake. This frightening creature was supposed to breathe fire, too. 

In reality, though, a chimera cat is nothing less than a rare beauty (which breathes out pure cuteness).

We may not know for sure if Narnia is a chimera

But one thing is clear - this cat is super gorgeous and his owner Stephanie Jimenez loves him to bits!

Stephanie Jimenez with her chimera cat Narnia

Chimera cat


Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

We love you, Narnia! Go and be your authentic self.

Funny chimera kitten

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