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Alpacas have to be sheared annualy to stop their fleeces getting too long and causing them distress, and some people take it to a whole next level.

If you think you're a crazy cat or dog pawrent, have a look at what some of the other pawrents buy for their furbabies - it's insane!

Redditors have been uploading pics of their pooches acting weird, and some of them are so crazy, you will instantly feel better about your weird-ish doggo!


Step away, corgis, the animal kingdom has its new Kardashians - chinchillas. People have been obsessing over their fluffy butts for the last week, since the photos below went viral.

Some cats are not so slick after all...

"But I'm still a smol pupper"

Life with siblings is hard, especially when you're a cat and your younger brother is an overly excited doggo that must always follow you around. Or sniff your butt. Or steal your food...