Store Owner Can't Believe His Eyes When He Sees Who's Been Stealing His Candy

Every two or three days a chocolate bar would disappear from Paul Kim's convenience store in Toronto, and he couldn't figure out who was behind these crimes. But one day he caught the thief dashing off with candy and he couldn't believe his eyes - it was a squirrel!

Paul Kim, the owner of a convenience store in Toronto, could not figure out who was stealing candy from him...

Squirrel next to the shop

...until one day he caught a red-pawed squirrel

Squirrel entering the supermarket

“I always see them sneaking outside the door, looking in my store, and even right at me,” Paul told the Toronto Star

“We could try closing the door, but then the store will get stuffy, and it just costs too much to cool down the place enough all day every day,” Paul explained on Reddit.

Squirrel looking at the candy bars

“They come in and take Crunchies, Crispy Crunch, Wonderbar”

Squirrel reaching for candies

“When we come around the counter to try to catch it, we can see the squirrel running off with the bar in its mouth”

Watch the full video here:

Source: YouTube (h/t)

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