Old Feral Cat Hated Everyone Until He Met Foster Kittens And Magic Happened

Feral cats are often euthanised simply because they're feral. Sure, they need much more work and patience than regular stray cats, but even the "lost cause" cats still have value and are worthy of compassion, and Mason is the perfect example of such cat.

When Mason was found, his feral nature was very scary, but his rescuers refused to give up

Feral cat hisses

The senior cat lived his whole life fending for himself and saw humans as predators

He also had terminal kidney disease, a bunch of infections, and a massive growth on his paw.

Mason hissed each time he was touched, but the rescue's founder Shelly Roche decided to take him home with her anyway

Feral cat hisses as he is being pet

"We felt he deserved to live his sunset months in comfort and peace" 

One day, Roche brought foster kittens to meet Mason and the most magical thing happened...

"One of the ginger kittens started licking Mason’s ear, and Mason... closed his eyes like it was the most amazing thing ever"

Foster kitten comforts Manson

"It seemed like the one thing that was missing for him was contact with another living being"

Senior cat hugs a ginger kitten

"And while he definitely didn’t want that with me, he must have been missing it from his own kind"

“He really just came alive when they were around,” Roche added. “He would play and snuggle with them. If they were all sleeping on one of the beds, he’d come over to them and climb on top of them, and push his way down to make room.”

"He's like Grandpa"

Senior cat snuggles with two ginger kittens

The kittens have since been adopted, but Roche is planning to bring Mason new ones to keep him happy

Senior cat with two ginger kitties

"In the meantime, he gets along really well with two of my adult cats"

Senior cat naps with kittens

The sweetest grumpy grandpa will live his sunset months loved and cherished

The rescue also hopes that his story will serve as a reminder that even the "old, broken, ferocious, "lost cause" cats still have value and are worthy of compassion."

Manson sleeps with kittens

Source: tinykittens.com | Facebook (h/t)

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