Shelter's 'Saddest Cat' Waited 9 Months For A Reason To Smile

Nutmeg was dubbed "The Saddest Cat" because of his perpetually worried face. When the poor kitty was brought to Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, New York, he was emaciated and needed serious treatment. And while Nutmeg got better with time, he still craved his forever home...

When Nutmeg was taken from the streets to a shelter last September, his face spoke of a difficult life

The 5-year-old cat was terribly thin, had a serious nasal infection, and his ears were tattered.

And while Nutmeg's health got better with time, he still had the saddest look on his face - he wanted a home...

Pensive Nutmeg in the shelter

He looked like he had given up hope... Luckily, this past weekend a young couple noticed him

Nutmeg looking down

"I fell in love with his face," Tyler Stadt told PostKitty

As soon as Tyler gave Nutmeg a few back scratches, Nutmeg started purring up a storm.

After 9 months of waiting, Nutmeg is finally getting the love he deserves... He even smiles a little!

"He's doing great in his new home!" said Tyler.  "Already found his comfy spot on the couch and still loves getting pet just as much!"

Nutmeg with a little smile

Source: | Facebook (h/t)

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