Poachers Broke Into A Sanctuary And Killed Two Rescued Elderly Lions

On Monday morning, the most devastating thing happened at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in northern South Africa. Tho elderly lions, José and Liso, were found mutilated and killed by poachers. What makes it even sadder, the big cats had been rescued from illegal circuses in 2014, and were finally enjoying their golden years at the sanctuary. They were also best friends.

Tho elderly lions, José and Liso, were found mutilated and killed by poachers at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary

Two rescued lions taking a nap

Only last year, the two big cats were rescued from illegal circuses in Peru and brought to the sanctuary

Lion being moved in a transport crate

After years of abuse, they were finally enjoying their lives in their natural habitat. They were best friends, too

Jose and Liso chilling in the sanctuary

The sanctuary is now protected by armed patrols and is working with investigators to detect the poachers

"The safety of the remaining lions is our top priority," Animal Defenders International (ADI) wrote on their Facebook post. "ADI and Emoya are reviewing all security measures; armed guards are in place and a range of additional security measures are being evaluated, including, if appropriate, evacuation of the lions whilst these are implemented."

Two lions enjoying sunshine in a sanctuary

“We are going to unite, stronger than ever, and bring to justice the perpetrators who murdered our two beloved boys”

Animal rescue workers hugging each other

Source: emoya.org.za | Facebook (h/t)

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