Here's What Living With Three Orphaned Lambs Looks Like

Every year in Australia, 15 million lambs die of exposure in their first 48 hours of life, because sheep are timed to give birth in Winter. Luckily, these orphan lambs from Victoria were found just in time.  A kind woman named Georgie Purcell decided to adopt them and give them a second chance at life at her farm. She keeps them warm with tiny sweaters, bottle feeds them and lets them snuggle in bed!

These little lambs were each found alone next to their dead mothers...

Nap buddies

Luckily, they were rescued just in time and this kind woman adopted them

These lucky orphans were rescued by this lovely lady and couldn't be happier now

"They are a LOT of work in the beginning, in their first few weeks of life they require 2 hourly bottles," Purcell told PostKitty

Gulping the day away

"We kept them in our room in a cot for the night feeds! But it was so worth it"

Now the lambs are growing stronger and are super curious about their new home!

'I see you, cat'

They love meeting new friends around their farm...

Always nice to meet new friends

...and eating out with the family!

'I want a bite, too!'

Sure, they get a bit naughty sometimes...

'This is why our mommy is scared when it gets too quiet at home'

...but their mom wouldn't have them any other way!

'Nice new glasses! It would be a pity if someone chewed them!'

Source: Instagram

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