Woman Documented Her Cat's Plan To 'Kill' Her, And It's Brutal

Some cats have a tendency to shift towards the dark side, and Marley is not an exception. The evil kitty has been plotting to kill her owner for quite some time now, but, luckily, was caught red-handed just in time. Imgur user that goes by Tangler caught her feline in the act and uploaded the evidence online to warn fellow cat lovers of the possible dangers.

Marley may look like an innocent cat, but she has a terrible secret...

Cat sitting in a cooking pot

... she's been plotting to kill her owner!

Cat with a birthday cap

Luckily, her human caught one of Marley's attempts on camera, and now is aware of the situation

Cat looking at a bulletin board

"I've been finding thumb tacks in my shoes lately and I couldn't figure out which cat was doing it," the woman explained

Cat staring at a thumb tack

"And I'm afraid she's started by stealing my memory cards and USB sticks to "hide" the evidence"

Cat taking off the thumb tack

"No joke! She hoards them in her toy tunnel!"

Cat putting something in a shoe

"Needless to say, the door to my office will be remaining closed from now on"

A thumb tack in a shoe

Marley, understandably, is very upset about the failure of her genius plan...

Cat in her bed

But all the cats around the world are applauding her extraordinary efforts nevertheless!

Two evil characters sharing tears of joy

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