This Japanese Woman Wears Pigeon Shoes, And People Have Questions

Japanese shoemaker Kyoto Ohata likes to wear pigeon-themed shoes, and people can't make up their minds about it. Some of them love it, others hate it, but everyone turns their heads when they see Kyoto, and think "But why though?"

While Kyoto's taste might look peculiar, she designed these shoes for a very nice reason. Her usual route is always filled with pigeons, so, not to scare them, Kyoto decided to make DIY pigeon shoes as a disguise. Pretty sweet, right? Borderline creepy, but sweet.

Woman walking around pigeons

Pigeon shoes from the front

An old man tries to feed pigeon shoes

Like the shoes? Here's how to make them:

The first step of making pigeon shoes is to attach the artificial fur

Perfecting the feathers of a pigeon

Pigeon shoe from the left side

The right side of the pigeon shoe

Gluing the tiny feathers

The front of the shoe

Wrapping red thread around the wire

Pigeon shoes from the front


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