15 Maine Coons That Look Like Majestic Mythical Creatures

Robert Sijka takes photos of Maine Coon cats like no one else. In his majestic portraits, the Hong-Kong based photographer masterfully captures the distinctive appearance of these gentle giants, making them look like mythical beasts. With their lion-like mane and striking yellow eyes, these cats have such a strong presence that it's hard to look away from their piercing gaze. We've collected our favorite pics of Maine Coon cats in the list below, have a look! 


Majestic Maine Coon


Ginger Maine Coon cat


Angry Maine Coon cat


Laid back Maine Coon cat


Silver Maine Coon cat


Beige Maine Coon cat mom with her kitten


Black Maine Coon cat with yellow eyes


Two Maine Coon cats


White and ginger Maine Coon cat



Beige Maine Coon Kitten


Maine Coon cat with black head and silver mane


White Maine Coon cat


Maine Coon kitten


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