Man Wakes Up To Weird Noises, Sees THIS On His Porch (12 Pics)

When Alaska-based photographer Tim Newton was awakened by strange noises outside at 7:30 a.m. last Tuesday, he had no idea he was about to witness something extraordinary. But, as soon as he opened the curtains, he knew he had to grab his camera quickly - a bunch of Lynx cubs were running around on Newton's porch as their mother was carefully watching over them. Luckily, the photographer was able to take some amazing photos before the family disappered - scroll down and enjoy!

Last week, Tim Newton was awaked by noises on his deck - and looked outside...

A lynx family on the porch

To his big surprise, he saw a Lynx family on his porch!

Mama Lynx and her seven babies!

Lynx cub in black and white

"She called to them and they all lined up right outside in front of where he was standing"

Lynx cubs with their mom

With no hesitation, Newton grabbed his camera and started capturing this amazing moment

"They proceeded to run and play on our deck..."

"...and then in our yard!"

Majestic lynx mom

"I’ve concluded that lynx must spend 1 percent of their waking lives chasing rabbits"

Lynx enjoying nature

"...and 99 percent chasing their kids"

"It was pretty much non-stop frolicking and rough-housing"

Lynx family enjoying a relaxing moment on the grass

"Amazing Alaska wildlife!"

Lynx cub with the cutest big paws

Source: fineartamerica.comFacebook (h/t)

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