15 Huge Dogs Who Think They're Still Lap Dogs

All of the doggos out there start as small puppers that can easily fit on our laps, but that tends to change with time. Some dogs, in particular, grow up to be pretty huge, and some of them don't seem to really get that they're not as small as they believe. PostKitty has compiled a list of 15 big dogs who think they're still lap dogs - have a look!

#1. But This Is Legit The Way This Monster Greeted Me Today

Dog crushing its owner on a sofa

#2. She Firmly Believes She's A Lap Dog

Great Dane sitting on a girl like it is still a small dog

#3. My Mom's Big Baby

Wolf dog pretending it is still a lap dog

#4. Because All Smol Puppers Need Cuddles

Golden Retriever getting comfy on the lap of its human

#5. Once A Lap Dog, Always A Lap Dog

aint Bernard before and after growing up

#6. "What?"

Dog lying on the couch, pretending to be a small puppy

#7. This Is Lincoln, And He's Bigger Than My Wife

#8. My Friend's Parent's Absurdly Large Dog

#9. My Parents Have 3 Great Danes That All Love Sit On My Dad's Lap And Often Fight Over It. This Is The Only Time They'll Ever Do This

#10. He Thinks He Is A Lap Dog


#11. "I'm Still Your Smol Pupper, Right Dad?"

Guy holding a German Shepherd like a small puppy

#12. "If I Fits... I Sits"

#13. "I Don't Wanto To Grow Up"

Saint Bernard looking a little bit sad it does not longer fit on the lap of its human

#14. Having A Large Dog. Named Kuma

Big Malamute sitting on a sofa next to its owner

#15. All Dogs Are Lap Dogs... Period.

Happy dog sitting on its human

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