This Homeless Man Slept Outside Animal Shelter Until He Was Reunited With His Lost Dog

Last Friday morning, a staff member at a local animal shelter in Georgia, US, found a homeless man sleeping in front of their facilities. It turned out, the man was looking for his lost dog - she was his best friend and he could not give up on her. As luck would have it, the shelter had the man's dog, but she was located in another facility across the town. Seeing how desperate the man was to get to his dog (he spent his last money for the bus ride to get to the shelter), the staff paid for the man's train ride over.

"You could see the joy in his face when they were reunited," Karen Hirsch, spokesperson for the shelter, told The Dodo. "He probably puts the dog first in his life, because without her he doesn’t have anything."

Watch the video here: 

"Some people don’t understand giving a pet back to a homeless person, but some of those people take better care of their pets than some of us with homes," Hirsch said. "If you see a homeless person with a pet, and are hesitant to give them money, you can give them dog food, or even flea medicine. They also need bottles of water. Just basic supplies that humans and dogs can use. Their pet is sometimes the only thing they have in their lives."

Source: Facebook (h/t)

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