Meet Karma, A German Shepherd Puppy Who Thinks She's A Human Baby

When Iris Armstrong, 63, first got her German Shepherd puppy, named Karma, she seemed to be just another cute puppy. However, growing up with Amstrong's grandson, Kayden, Karma started to mimic him and things escalated quickly...

Karma, a German Shepherd puppy, seemed to be just like the other puppies... 

Two german shepherd puppies

But then she started sleeping in Kayden's, her 2-year-old human brother, stroller...

German shepherd puppy napping in a baby pram

She would also steal the boy's dummies...

"She first started with dummies at three months old, it was a little pink one that she pinched it from the side and just sat there suckling on it like a baby," Karma's owner Iris Armstrong told Daily Mail.

German shepherd puppy sucking on a dummy

... and ask to be fed a bottle

"Whenever she gets a bottle she chews on it and then drinks the milk to, it's pretty hilarious and we try not to let her do it too often," explained Armstrong.

Woman feeding a german shepherd with a baby bottle

By the time Karma turned 5 months old, she was convinced she was a human baby just like Kayden

She even got her own onesie!

German shepherd puppy in a onesie

"She's like Kayden's little playmate"

"I'm sure that as they continue to grow older together they'll become best friends"

German shepherd on a couch with her human family


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