15 Cute Dogs Who Think They're Cats

Has your dog been acting a little bit off recently? Does it enjoy looking through the window and judging others? Does it tuck its paws under while it lays down? Does it *GASP* like boxes? Even if you got one of these right, there's a high chance you don't own a dog. You, in fact, may be a cat owner instead. In the list below, we've collected 15 doggos who are actually cats in disguise. Have a look and see if you recognize your 'dog'!

#1. This Husky Was Raised By Cats

Husky acting like a cat

#2. A Dog Adjusting To Cat Owners

Husky sits on a cat tower

#3. One Of These Cats Is Not Like The Other

Dog cuddling with a cat

#4. My Dog Thinks He Is A Cat

Dog acting like a cat

#5. I Woke Up To My Cat Acting Normal. Nothing To See Here

Husky on a kitchen counte

#6. "Why Haven't I Tried This Before? This Cat Thing Is Great"

Shiba inu sittin in a box

#7. He Grew Up With Two Cats

Dog hanging out with a cat

#8. "Aren't I The Cutest Cat You've Ever Seen?"

Husky sitting on a fence

#9. Typical Cat Behavior At Its Finest

#10. "But I'm Not Imitating The Cat, I Am One"

Dog imitating a cat

#11. BF With Our Dog Who Thinks She's A Cat...

Dog sits on a couch like a cat

#12. "Who Am I?"

#13. Sometimes My Dog Thinks He's A Cat

Dog sitting in the pants of its owner while he is in the toilet

#14. My Dog, Leonardo, Found A Hobby. Fish Watching

Dog staring at a fish tank

#15. "Just Get F*cking Used To This, Cat"

Cat stares at a dog who is sitting on her cat tower


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