15 Scary Lions Who Are Definitely NOT Dogs

Not all dogs are satisfied with their lives as being, well, dogs.  The truth is, some of the dogs are actually lions trapped in a dog's body. No matter how many treats they get, or how many tennis balls they chew, there still seems to be something missing... and that something is fake lion mane. Everything's just better with it! Just how happy these lion-dogs are!

#1. I Think My Dog Prefers Being A Lion

I think my dog prefers being a lion

#2. "Kneel Before Your King"

Here is my dog in a lion mane

#3. "Oh I'm Just Casually Waiting For The Postman..."

Just casually waiting for the postman...

#4. Proud Lion Doggo

#5. "I Present My Lion!"

I present my lion dog!

#6. I Don't Think He's Ever Taking His Mane Off...

Loving his new looks

#7. "Hear Me ROAR!!!"

Hear me ROAR

#8. "Me Scary Lion!"

Hear me roar

"... But Still A Good Doggo?"

Does it look real? My mom told me it does

#9. Enzo the Lion Hearted

 Enzo the Lion Hearted

#10. "Rawr! I'm A Lion!"

Rawr! I am a lion!

#11. "Tucker Had Always Dreamed Of Being A Lion..."

"When He Thought About It Enough, He Could Even Feel The Hot, Dry Wind Blowing Through His Luxurious Mane"

#12. This Dog Doesn't Even Need Fake Mane... RUN!!!

#13. "They Didn't Tell Me That Lions Are Cats..."

Sigh... I wish someone told me before that lions are cats

#14. "Call Me Mufasa"

Well yes, I am a lion, why the question?

#15. "YES, This Is Lion"

Look at that derpy tongue

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