15 Dogs That Were Caught Acting Way Too Weird

Do you catch your dog acting a little off, like riding your kid's toy horse, or carrying another dog in a basket? Fear no more - you're not alone! Redditors have been uploading pics of their pooches acting weird, and some of them are so crazy, you will instantly feel better about your doggo. In the list below, we've rounded up the funniest dogs, scroll down and have a look!

#1. My Friend's Dog Has A Strange Habit...

Dog sucking his foot

#2. This Is How My Neighbor's Dog Gets Attention

Dog peeking through the fence

#3. Hmmm...

Dog walking on a wall

#4. I Was Trying To Enjoy A Nice Bath But...

Dog climbs into a bathtub to be with his owner

#5. My Friend Works At A Dog Grooming Spa, She Turned Around And Saw This Happening...

German shepherd holding a basket with a small dog in it

#6. Just A Dog Going For A Walk On The Beach...

Dog walking on his two paws on a beach

#7. So I Walked Into The Great Room And Found My Dog Like This. This Isn't Staged... She Did This Herself

#8. My Dogs Fell Asleep Playing With A Tennis Ball

#9. Walk In To Find These Two Trying To Drown Their Brother

#10. My Dog Broke

Dog with his head upside down

#11. Don't Ask... But Yes, I Could Use Some Help

Dog standing on handrail

#12. Looking For The Remote, Probably

Dog stuck in a couch upside down

#13. My Co-worker Wanted To Check-in On Her Dogs And Realized She Left The Tv On

Two dogs watching TV

#14. Dog On A Horse, Because Why Not

Dog riding a toy horse

#15. My Friend's Dog Is Adorably Stupid


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