Dog Plays Dead So She Doesn't Have To Leave The Park, And It Will Make Your Day

Everyone who owns a dog knows that leaving a dog park, or any park for that matter, is a challenge. Parks have dogs, sticks and lots of space - which doggie in its right mind would like to leave all this goodness ever?! That's exactly what the sweet dog in the video below must have been thinking when her owner decided it's time to leave the popular park in Australia. The dog put the most adorable fight by playing dead and everyone (with the exception of the owner, probably) loved it!

When this dog's owner decided to leave the park, the dog wasn't having any of it

Dog refuses to leave the park

The sweet dog REALLY wanted to stay, so she pretended to be dead

It went on and on. Everyone loved it! Well, despite the owner, perhaps.

Dog does not want to leave the park

Watch the video here:

Source: Facebook (h/t)


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