15 Of The Most Hilarious Dog Photobombs

Dogs are joy and dogs are love, and they're also experts at photobombing their humans' pics (for better or for worse). When you come to think about it, a photo without a dog is no more than a wasted opportunity, so it all works out in the end. We gathered the most hilarious dog photobombs we could find in the list below - have a look!

#1. My Friend's Dog Jumped Into The Shot

Cute husky photobomb

#2. Merry Chris...

Two dogs hump in front of a family taking a Christmas photo

#3. "What Are You Looking At?"

Dog photobombs its driving owner

#4. "Yeah. That's What I Think Of Your Selfies"

Dog shows its ass behind two girls

#5. Louie & The Epic Engagement Photobomb

Dog photobombs engagement photoshoot

#6. Photobomb Level: Derpy Dog

Dog photobombs two men

#7. "Damn Nature, U Scary"

#8. I Proposed To My Girlfriend Last Night And My Dog Begged Her To Say Yes. She Did

Man proposes to his girlfriend with his dog

#9. So... What Are The Odds Again?

Baby looks like he has dog ears

#10. When It's Time To Take A Pic - You Pose!

Dog strikes a pose behind teenagers

#11. My Uncle's Dog Rolf Photobombing Kermit 

Dog photobombs another dog

#12. Photobomb Level: Dog Balls

Dog photobombs a couple with its balls

#13. I Asked My Husband To Take A Picture Of Me And My Buddy And Our Other Dog Decided To Make An Appearance

Dog photobombs a girl with another dog

#14. "Oh Just Stop It"

Husky photobomb at the beach

#15. "Watcha Doing?"

Cute puppy photobombs another puppy in a beach

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