15 Awkward Cats That Like To Sit Like Humans

Cats never cease to amaze us with their quirky ways, but some funny cats take being awkward to a whole new level - just like these cats in the list below. These kitties love sitting like humans and it's as weird as it's adorable. Have a look!

#1. For Some Reason, My Sister's Cat Sits Like This Every Day

Cat sits like a human

#2. My Brother's Cat Sits Like He Is Your Psychologist

Cat sitting like a psychologist

#3. So My Friend's Cat Does This...

Cat putting its paws in the air

#4. Content Office Cat

Cat enjoying life in the office

#5. My Friend's Cat With Her Zen-like, Meditative Calm. She Sits Like This Constantly, And Just Stares Into Space

Cat thinking intensely

#6. "You Said Something?"

Cat caught by surprise

#7. My Aunt Has Weird Cats

Two cats chilling on a couch

#8. Cat Pretending To Be A Human

#9. He Sat And Stared At Me Like This For A Minute Before I Took The Picture. Weirdo...

Cat sitting with its tongue out

#10. This Is How My Friend's Cat Looks Out The Window

#11. "Mind Your Own F*cking Business"

#12. This Cat Has This 'Live In The Moment' Thing Figured Out

#13. My Cat Always Sits On His Butt

#14. Just A Cat Sitting On Some Stairs...

Cat sitting on the stairs like a human

#15. "I Guess You Are Wondering Why I've Asked You Here"

Cat deep in thoughts


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