15 Times Cats Tried To Hide From The Vet And Failed

It's not a secret that cats, and pets in general, are not too happy about vet visits. But the reality is that we want to keep our furbabies healthy, so they just have to suck it up... and that is not the easiest of tasks for some of them. In the list below, we've rounded the most creative kitties who realized they were taken to the vet and tried their best to become invisible. Poor kitties. We feel for them. It's a bit funny though!

#1. Little Bob Desperately Hiding At The Vet

#2. "I Cannot See You, So You Cannot See Me. I Am Hidden"

Cat hiding from the vet behind a computer

#3. I Also Took My Cat To The Vet

White cat trying to escape from the vet office

#4. "Rectal Thermometer Goes whEERREE!!!"

#5. This Kitty Is Actually The Bravest One

Little ginger kitten waiting for the vet

#6. "Think Of A Happy Place, Think Of A Happy Place"

Cat pretending not to see the vet

#7. Took My Cat To The Vet...

Black cat hiding in a sink

#8. "Calm Down, You'll Get Treats Afterwards"

Cat giving another cat a massage at the vet

#9. "I Am Literally Going To Piss In Your Cereal When We Get Home"

Cat plotting its revenge at the vet

 #10. My Cat At The Vet

White cat hiding in a sink

#11. 'If I Can't See You Then You Can't See Me' Routine

Cat hides from the vet

#12. Wife Is A Vet - Her Patient Is A Bit Concerned

Terrified cat at the vet

13. My Cat Was Afraid Of The Vet, So He Hid

Cat hiding from the vet in a bin

#14. "Why Are You Doing This To Me?"

Cat cuddling with its owner at the vet

15. "This Is The End"

Cat scared of the vet

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