15 Cats That Don't Want To Be In Your Stupid Selfies

All social media affectionados and cat lovers know - one does not simply take one selfie with a cat and upload it online - it has to be perfect! And while taking dozens of photos may be a fun thing for you to do (especially when you're supposed to be doing something more efficient), your cat may have a different opinion about that, and by different opinion we mean pure hatred. Scroll down and see it for yourself!

#1. "You Know I'm Gonna Pee In Your Shoes Later"

Cat looks tired of selfies

#2. "This Is Humiliating"

Cat tired of taking selfies

#3. "Quit Taking A Selfie And WATCH THE F*CKING ROAD!"

Cat screaming in a car

#4. "What If This Will Never End?"

Four cats terrified of selfies

#5. "I Wasn't Ready To Hate It!"

Ginger cat scared of the camera

#6. "Please Go And Die, Thank You"

Grumpy cat does not like selfies

#7. "Enough Is Enough, Woman"

Cat pushes its owner from itself

#8. Trying To Take Xmas Eve Pics With The Cat...

#9. "No God, Please No!!!"

One cat screams at its owner as the other cat is on the head of the owner

#10. "What Have I Done To Deserve This?"

Two cats squished by their owners

#11. "I Said NO MORE SELFIES!"

#12. "Sure, Humiliate Me More"

Cat is not happy about its lion costume

#13. "UGHH"

Cat hates being kissed

#14. "Shouldn't You Be Doing Something More Of A Value?"

Cat judging its owner while she is trying to take a selfie of them

#15. "What Am I Doing With My Lives?!"

Cat does not like to be squished by its owner

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