10 Of The Most Hilarious Entries For The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

The annual Comedy Wildlife Awards are back, and though the deadline for the entries is September 30, 2017, the most recent submissions are hilarious already! We've collected our favorite ones - have a look!

#1. "Help!!!" By Tibor Kercz

Bird slipping from a branch

#2. "Must Have Three-putted" By Douglas Croft

Fox doing number two in a golf field

#3. "WTF?!" By George Cathcart

Seal looks frightened by the laugh of another seal

#4. "Stopped By A Toll Collector" By Katarina Denesova

White owl standing in the middle of the road

#5. "I’m Ok" By Yamamoto Tsuneo

Lemur sitting on a tree in a funny position

#6. "Kung Fu Training - Australian Style" By Andrey Giljov

Kangaroo practicing kung fu

#7. "ThreeTanors" By Roie Galitz

#8. "OoohMatron - Carry On Up The Jungle!" By Gill Merritt

Lion yawning

#9. "Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks" By Graeme Guy

#10. "Pirate In Disguise" By Andres Vejar

Owl looking like a pirate

Source: comedywildlifephoto.com (h/t)

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