15 Funny Reactions Of Animals Doing Things For The First Time

Doing things for the first time can be both fun and tricky not only for humans, but for animals, too. Coordination never comes easy, technology is full of surprises, and seeing snow for the first time can really mess with your furbaby's head. See some hilarious examples in the list below! (h/t)

#1. First Time Frank Saw A Kangaroo He Lost His Mind

Funny husky sees a kangaroo for the first time

#2. Meeting Little Kittens For The First Time

Big dog is scared of small kittens

#3. We Forgot To Tell Our Cat That We Had A Baby

Cat meets baby

#4. I Just Rescued This Beautiful Girl, And She Is Sleeping Inside For The First Time In Her Life

#5. Cat Sees Snow For The First Time

#6. Mimi Tries A Lime For The First Time

#7. Kiwi's Adventure To The Outside

#8. Baby Polar Bear Sees Snow For The First Time

#9. Cat Meets The Baby For The First Time

#10. Guy Bought And Using A Vacuum The First Time

#11. Poor Dog's Terrifying First Train Ride

Dog is afraid to take metro

#12. Jonesy's First Snow

#13. Put My Inside Cat Outside And Walked Out To This 5 Minutes Later

Cat desperately wants to get inside so she hangs on the door

#14. What Are Those Things?

Dogs staring at kittens

#15. My Cats' Reaction To Seeing The Ceiling Fan Move For The First Time

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