10 Of The Funniest Finalists Of 2017 Comedy Pet Photography Awards

The founders of Comedy Wildlife Awards have extended their contest with a new pet category, and animal lovers couldn't be more pleased! More than 2,500 entries were collected this year and the people behind the contest had a hard time narrowing them down to the top finalists. The winners will be announced in late August, but we just couldn't wait any longer and picked up our favorite photos in the list below. Have a look!

#1. "I Didn't Mean It'

Dog slapping another dog during playtime

#2. "Beach Please!"

Dog shakes its hair in a beach

#3. "Best Friends"

Horse laughing with its owner

#4. "Pulling A Face"

Cat licking itself

#5. "Dance Of The Wolf"

Wolf dancing in front of its pack

#6. "Cheese Catcher"

Dog trying to catch a treat

#7. "Riding Alone"

Dog riding another dog like a horse

#8. "Windblown"

Dog with messy hair driving in a car

#9. "Hypnotized By A Bubble"

Dog mesmerized by a bubble

#10. "Run Fluff Ball, Run..."

Extremely fluffy dog running at the beach


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