These Hilarious Alpacas Look Like They're From A 70s Rock Band

Alpacas have to be sheared annualy to stop their fleeces getting too long and causing them distress, and some people take it to a whole next level. Take Helen Kendall Smith from Gloucestershire, UK, for example. This year, she decided to give her alpacas a very special makeover by turning them into 70s rockstars - check it out!

The owner of these alpacas decided to turn them into rockstars 

So she gave them the most hilarious haircuts!

Three funny looking alpacas

"I wanted to show people a more humorous side to alpaca in times when farming seems really low," said Ms Smith

Black and brown alpacas

"I have only done this with alpaca I know really well who were happy to have it done"

White alpaca with a funky haircut

The Llamas & the Papas..?

Close up of three alpacas with funny haircuts

"They love the attention they are getting"

Alpacas gazing in the land

Source: Facebook (h/t)

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