Man Saves A Frozen Kitten Found By The Roadside, And Its Transformation Is Incredible

It was a cold winter day in Russia and a young man named Slava was driving his car when he suddenly saw something strange on the roadside. Thinking it could be an animal in need, he stopped his car right away and made a miracle happen.

A young man named Slava was driving on a cold day when he spotted something strange on the roadside

Frozen kitten on the roadside

The Russian man stopped his car to check it out and he discovered a helpless frozen kitten

Other cars kept passing by with little interest. Slava knew he had to help the kitten.

Frozen kitten

"It was very cold, so I wrapped her up in a towel and brought her back to my car"

Frozen kitten tucked in blankets

"I turned up the heat to full capacity to help remove the frost on her coat"

Kitten getting better

Slava then took the poor kitty to his father's house where they prepared a warm spot for her with blankets, a radiator and a lamp

They named the kitten Nika. She was so happy to be finally safe and warm, she could not stop cuddling and purring!

Kitten warming up next to the lamp

Later, the man took Nika to the vet. They had to amputate her frostbitten tail...

Kitten at the vet

But the 6-month-old kitty was very brave and recovered quickly!

Kitten playing with its new human

Now she has a new forever home and couldn't be more grateful for Slava's act of kindness

Kitten being pet

Source: YouTube (h/t)

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