Blind Goat With Anxiety Only Calms Dow In Her Duck Costume

Meet Polly, a blind rescue goat that loves to wear her duck costume. The poor thing suffers from anxiety, and only feels safe in it.


Injured Owl Sees The Man Who Saved Her, Can't Stop Hugging Him

GiGi, a great horned owl, was brought to Wild at Heart Rescue, Mississippi after she had suffered a massive head trauma, possibly due to a car accident. The poor bird would have probably died, if not for the care of Douglas "Doug" Pojeky, also known as the "birds of prey whisperer."


This Dog Just Realized She Was Left At A Shelter, And Her Reaction Is Heartbreaking

The 4-year-old pit bull mix named Electra has been surrendered to the Inland Valley Humane Society in California earlier this month, and her reaction speaks a thousand words.

Pit Bull Saved From Euthanasia Can't Stop Hugging His New Mom

Russ the pit bull came to ACCT Philly, an animal shelter in Philadelphia, in a really bad condition. The shelter was overcrowded at the time, and the beat up pooch was likely to be euthanised. Luckily, a kind dog walker stepped in just in time.

16 Corgi Mixes That Are Too Adorable To Be Real

Ever wondered what would happen if a Pit Bull and a Corgi walked into a bar? Have a look at this list where we've gathered some of the cutest corgi mixes!


Baby Squirrel Saved During Hurricane Now Naps In His New Mom's Pocket

Amid devastation of Hurricane Matthew last October, a baby flying squirrel was separated from his family. Scared and cold, he was calling for his mom, but she was nowhere to be seen. Luckily, his cries were heard by Katlyn Dence's dog, who led the woman to the orphan just in time.

This baby flying squirrel lost his family during hurricane Matthew

"He was approximately 4 weeks old, blown from his nest," Katlyn Dence, the woman who rescued him, told PostKitty.

Former Bait Dog Too Depressed To Lift Her Head Is Unrecognizable Now

When the rescuers from the SPCA arrived at a property in Able Springs, Texas, their hearts sunk. They knew that the canines were suspected to be involved in dog fighting, but the situation was worse than they expected.

Lion And Bear Saved From Abandoned Zoo In Mosul Take Their First Freedom Steps

For more than 60 days, Simba the lion and Lula the bear lived without food in the ruins of what was once a zoo in war-torn Mosul, Iraq. All the other animals had died of starvation, and they were on the brink of death, too. Luckily, the help arrived just in time.

Depressed Dog Mamma Who Lost Her Puppies In A Fire Adopts A Litter Of Orphans

Daisy had recently become a dog mamma to seven beautiful puppies when...

Someone Tied This Dog To A Dumpster And Left A Sad Note

This 6-year-old terrier mix has recently been found tied to a dumpster with a sad note in...