15 Adorable Winners From The Dog Photographer Of The Year 2017

The annual Dog Photographer Of The Year Competition celebrates canine photographers from around the world and the winners of the year 2017 did not disappoint! Canine lovers compete in 11 categories, such as Man’s Best Friend, Dogs at Play, Dogs at Work and Dog Portrait. We've rounded up the most adorable winners from various categories in the list below - have a look!

Pets Talk: Police Dog Fired For Being Too Friendly Gets An Ever Better Job

Gavel the dog was fired from a police training program for the Queensland Police Service in Brisbane, Eastern Australia because... he was too cute! Luckily, the adorable German Shepherd quickly found his true calling.

This Cat Has Been Coming To See His Distant Crush For The Last 2 Years

Love is patient, and Scottie's determination to win his feline crush's heart is the sweetest proof of it. For more than 2 years, the affectionate ginger cat has been visiting Sophie the cat hoping to win her over.


This Cat Tries Her Best To Live With A Super Playful Rabbit

Reuben the Rex Rabbit and Tilly the cat may have their differences, but the two...

Pets Talk: This Husky-Pomeranian Puppy Is So Cute He Looks Like A Plush Toy

Meet Norman the Pomsky, the adorable Husky and Pomeranian mix that has been stealing hearts since 2016. This dapper little fella has managed to amass almost 68k followers on Instagram in a very short period of time. We couldn't resist his fluffiness, too, so we decided to give him a call.

Source: normanthepomsky.com | Instagram

12 Adorable Puppies On Their First Day At Work That Will Melt Your Heart

Make no mistake – these puppies are more than your average fluffball – they’re on a serious training! The cutie pies are about to work as police dogs, military dogs, fire dogs, disability dogs, and therapy dogs to name a few! (h/t)

Pets Talk: Meet Loubie, A Golden Retriever Who Is Obsessed With Giving People Hugs

Exclusive interview with a Golden Retriever from NY, US, who loves hugging people!

Meet Daisy, Probably The Cutest Kitten In The World (15 Pics)

She's TOO MUCH!!!

There’s A Fox Village In Japan And It’s The Fluffiest Place On Earth

So. Much. Fluff