12 Unfortunate Times Dogs Tried To Eat Bees (Part 2)

Remember our article about dogs who tried to eat bees? Well, it looks like the canines have learned nothing from those poor doggos,  because we found plenty of new photos of dogs stung by bees. We've collected the most brutally hilarious pics in the list below - have a look!

#1. "Shanks For Tchaking Care Of Shish" 

Dog with a massively swollen snout

#2. "Whatch Did I Do Wrong Tcho Desherve Shish?"

Dog with swollen snout

#3. "I'm Sho Shorry"

#4. "I Wash Shupposshed Tsho Go On A Date Tchonightch..."

Chihuahua with swollen snout

#5. "I Shwear It Atchaked Me Firsht"

#6. "Ish Itch Shtill Shwollen?"

#7. "Shish Ish Unfortchunatch"

#8. "Thatch Wash A Shtupid Shing Tcho Do"

#9. "Doesh Itch Look Bad?"

#10. "Shomeshing Happened To My Shnout"

#11. "Shtop Shtaring"

#12. "Itch Gonna Be OK, Rightch?"

#13. "I Need A Kish"

#14. "I'm Shorry For All The Tchrouble..."

Doberman stung by a bee

#15. "I'm Shtill Gorgeoush"

Chihuahua stung by a bee

Want more? Here's the previous article about dogs stung by bees!

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