Good Dog Sees A Drowning Baby Deer, Jumps Into Water To Save Her

All dogs are good dogs, but this golden retriever, named Storm, deserves a very special place in everyone's hearts. Last Sunday, Storm was out for a walk with his family, when he saw a helpless creature on the verge of drowning. Without hesitation, Storm jumped right in as his stunned owner watched how his very good dog swam towards the drowning baby deer. The guy caught everything on camera and it's too beautiful for words.

Storm (on the right) was on a walk with his family when he spotted a drowning fawn

Two dogs out for a walk

Without hesitation, the retriever jumped in and swam towards the baby deer

Storm's owner Mark Freeley was stunned by his dog's actions, but managed to record everything on tape.

Dog pulling out drowning fawn out of water

After the dog gently dragged the fawn back to dry land, he started nudging her to make sure she's ok

Dog nudges a fawn

Storm and her owner stayed by the fawn's side until the rescuers arrived

Dog staying with the fawn he just rescued to make sure she is ok

Unfortunately, when the help arrived, the disoriented fawn got scared and jumped back in the water

Man saves a fawn from drowning again

This time it was volunteer Frankie Floridia who swam towards the poor fawn to rescue her once again

Man taking out fawn out of water

The fawn was later transfered to the rescue facility where she's receiving all the love and care she needs

Luckily, the baby deer's injuries are minor, so she's expected to return back to the wild soon.

Rescue fawn cuddling in a box

Watch the video here:

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