Dog Gets Caught Eating A Plant And His Reaction Is The Cutest

Murphy Munt is an adorable Bernese Mountain pupper "living the ultimate Big Dawg life" in Melbourne, Australia. The chunky fluffball can be a lot to deal with at times - he constantly steals his owners' shoes and destroys plants, but, as his mom told PostKitty, he "also has a quiet cuddly side" and they "wouldn't have him other way!" Murphy caught everyone's attention with the video of him getting caught eating his pawrents' plant, which proves that puppy eyes can get you out of anything. See the video below!

Meet Murphy Munt, a cheeky Bernese Mountain pupper, who LOVES making trouble

Puppy running

"He constantly steals our shoes..." Murphy's owner told PostKitty

Dog chewing on a shoe

"...  and although usually he doesn't chew through our shoes..."

Dog chewing a shoe

"... one morning I woke up to him chewing one of my good high heels which was devastating"

Dog looking guilty as his owner shows him the shoe he ate

"He also loves destroying plants outside - we call him the gardener"

Dog chewing on a leaf

"We can't resist his puppy eyes which is why he is so spoilt and usually gets his own way"

Dog hiding behind a couch

"We wouldn't have him any other way though!"

Puppy loves pets

Watch the video here:

Seriously, we couldn't resist these puppy eyes either!

 Source: Instagram

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