Incredible Discovery: 110 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur 'Mummy' Accidentally Found In Canada

Shawn Funk, a heavy equipment operator, was drilling a vast pit 17 miles north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, when he suddenly hit something unusual - walnut brown rocks that looked like ribs. Funk had just discovered a 110 million-year-old dinosaur "mummy", but he had no idea yet.

Discovered by accident in Alberta, Canada, this nodosaur is the best-preserved dinosaur of its kind!

Even its face remains frozen in a threatening glare...

Dinosaur head

“We don’t just have a skeleton,” said Caleb Brown, a researcher at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

Dinosaur eye

“We have a dinosaur as it would have been” 

Nodosaur recreation

You can also see the possible remnants of the nodosaur's last meal!

The remains of the last food nodosaur ate

The dinosaur “may have been swept away by a flooded river and carried out to sea, where it eventually sank”

Pieces of nodosaur mummy assembled together

“Over millions of years on the ocean floor, minerals took the place of the dinosaur’s armor and skin...”

Dinosaur mummy from above

“... preserving it in the lifelike form now on display”

You can see the mummy with your own eyes at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Canada.

Dinosaur mummy from the side

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