15 Dads Who Didn't Want The Damn Dogs In Their Lives

Many dads out there tend to be initially opposed to the idea of getting a dog. That doesn't mean they're heartless, though. Probably dads are just better aware of the responsibilities that come with getting a dog than their excited offsprings and get the feeling that they'll be the ones to walk the furbaby when it's a cold snowy morning in Minnesota. But whatever their reasoning might be, all dads succumb to the cute factor of a brand new puppy in a matter of hours. In the list below, we've collected 15 pics of dads who didn't want the damn dogs in their lives but now can't imagine living without their furbabies!

#1. And My Dad Said He Didn't Want A Dog...

Dad does everything with his pug

#2. My Dad Always Said He Didn't Want A Small Dog. He Just Gave Her A Bath And Loves Life

Dad drying a little dog with a towel

#3. My Dad Would Never Admit How Much He Loves Our Old Dog. But After Finding This Picture On His Phone, He Doesn't Have To

Happy dad poses with a dog for a selfie

#4. After My Dad Said "She's Not Allowed On The Couch"

Dad sleeping with a dog

#5. My Dad Didn't Want Us To Get A Dog At First. I Found This Picture In His Room

Dad and dog wearing sunglasses

#6. "I'm Not A Dog Person"

Dad working on his laptop with a dog

#7. My Dad Kept Griping "I Don't Want A Dog!" This Is How I Find Them Napping

Dog sleeping on the face of a dad

#8. My Dad Makes A Big Deal About How Much He Hates Dogs...but I Always Seem To Catch Him Being Adorable With His Grandpups

Dad working with tools with a dog on his lap

#9. My Dad Said He Didn't Want An Ipad... Or A Dog

Dad holding an ipad and a dog stares indifferently

#10. "I Don't Want A Dog He Said" Then He Said "I Don't Want A Second Dog" Yeah Dad Ok

Dad cuddling two dogs

#11. When My Dad Said He Didn't Want A Dog But Really...

#12. And Dad Said He Didn't Want A Dog...

Dad holding a puppy in his sweater

#13. My Dad Who "Doesn't Want Anything To Do With The Dog"

#14. And My Dad Said He Didn't Like The Dog...

Dad lying on the floor with a dog

#15. "If You Get It, It's Your Dog. I Don't Want A Damn Ankle Biter"  Ok Dad

Dad holding a tiny puppy in his arms

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