Turns Out, Spiders Have Adorable Tiny Paws And It Changes Everything (10 Pics)

When talking about spiders, the word "adorable" is not used very often... Remember this couple who was trapped in their house because of a big spider? Well, it looks like they shouldn't have been so terrified because spiders are actually pretty cute creatures if you dare to take a closer look at them... It turns out, spiders have tiny paws and they're adorable! 

It may look like a paw of a cute little kitten at first...

Spider paw looks like a cat paw

... but it actually belongs to a spider!

Spider paw

That's right!

Cute spider paws

Apparently, spiders have cute tiny paws... which kind of makes them multi-pawed cats!

Spider touching a human with its paw

Ok, maybe we're pushing this a little bit too far...

... many of us would turn into Usain Bolt before even taking a closer look at a spider

Colorful spider paw

Also, technically it's not a paw, it's called 'tarsus'

Tiny spider paw with claws

But it has claws, just like a cat's or dog's paw

Brown spider paw

Unlike dogs or cats though, spiders also use their legs as ears and nose!

Macro photo of spider paw

Anyway, we hope that if you have arachnophobia...

Spider paws

... the next time you see a spider, you'll remember that, even if these creatures may look terrifying at first, they have the cutest paws and mean no harm!

Cute spider paw


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