Corgi Trying To Share His Bone With His Own Reflection Will Make Your Day

We don't deserve dogs for many reasons, and the kind-hearted corgi in the video below just gave the world one more adorable reason. His owner Eric Smith caught him trying to share his bone with his own reflection, and the viral video has all the feels.

"I don't think any of you understand just how pure corgis are," Smith writes on Twitter. "He keeps trying to share that bone with his reflection in our closet mirrors."

Watch the adorable video here:

People on Twitter could not handle the cuteness

I have already cried three times today I can't handle this

And we don't blame them...

Eric!!! I am too pregnant for this level of emotion

Dogs are SO precious!

Sent this to two friends and they both responded, within seconds of each other, 'We don't deserve dogs'

Source: Youtube (h/t)

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