15 Of The Cutest Baby Animals Ever

It's a widely known fact that animals are cute. Well, at least most of them are - a 360kg alligator may fall short of the 'cute furbabies' list... But when it comes to baby animals - even the gator is a cutie patootie! Don't believe us? Then scroll down and see it for yourself! We've compiled the ultimate list of adorable baby animals and it has all from kittens to alligators. Get ready to SQUEEE!

#1. So A Bear And A Dog Walked Into A Bar...

Puppy that looks like a little bear

#2. *SQUEEE*

Sleeping baby hamster

#3. Baby Fennec Fox

#4. Otterly Adorable

Baby otter


Baby hedgehog in a palm

#6. I Sure Am Not Alan, But I'd Come Running To Them

A group of baby prairie dogs

#7. Could It Get Any Cuter?

Baby kangaroo

#8. Of Course It Can!!!

Baby chinchilla drinking a bottle

#9. Cute Little Stinker

Baby skunk

#10. *Pets The Screen*

Baby giraffe

#11. Hi There!

Baby turtle hatching

#12. Look At Him Go!

Mother hippo nudging her baby hippo

#13. This Baby Bunny Is Just 2 Days Old

#14. Who Said (Baby) Alligators Are Not Cute?

#15. And Here We See A Baby Wigglefloof Cleaning Its Tiny Squishbeans

Cuddly kitten

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