15+ Animals Who Are Totally Loving Their Bathtime

It may be hard to believe, but not all cats and dogs hide in the darkest corner when someone says "bathtime." There's a small minority of pets that actually love getting their fur wet, and they do it with a style. To prove it,  PostKitty has gathered the cutest photos of animals enjoying bathtime in the list below.  Have a look!

#1. "I Don't Always Have To Get A Bath, But When I Do, I Do It Like A BOSS"

Puppy sitting in a sink like a boss

#2. 1-Month-Old Baby Hippo Taking A Morning Bath

Cute baby hippo taking a bath in taronga zoo

#3. Capybara Splashing Around With Baby Ducks

Capybara taking a bath with ducklings

#4. "Cloody Was So Relaxed That He Actually Fell Asleep"

Chill bunny laying in a sink while water is pouring on him

#5. "More Water, Thank You"

Cat closes his eyes in relaxation as his owner bathes him

#6. "Mom Will Be So Happy We Took A Bath Before Coming Home"

#7. Beaver Receives A Bath After An Oil Spil

His damn prevented much of the oil from contaminating the surroundings - this beaver is a true hero!

Beaver taking a bath

#8. Someone Loves Bathtime!

Cute bulldog puppy smiling in a sink

#9. Having The Bath Of His Life

#10.  "Imma Wash You"

Two cute pets in a bath

#11. Bath Buddies

#12. Getting Ready For A Big Date Tonight

Alpaca sitting in a bathtub

#13. In His Natural Habitat

Bear chilling in water

#14.  Who Said Cats Don't Like Water?

#15.  Scrub A Dub Dub, Goat In A Tub!

Little goat soaked in soap in a bucket

#16. Fell Asleep During Her First Bath

Cute little puppy fell asleep during his first bathtime

#17. Tiger Rescued From A Travelling Circus Enjoys A Peaceful Bath

Rescued tiger enjoys her bath

#18. This Scottish Fold Has Mastered The Art Of Bathing

Scottish fold cat taking a bath in a sink

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