Manny The Selfie Cat Loves Taking Photos With Dogs

Four years ago, Manny was just another stray cat wandering the streets of Arizona. But everything changed when he discovered the art of taking selfies with dogs. Or without them.  He's a cat, after all.

Meet Manny, the selfie cat and his dogs

Manny has 426k followers on Instagram and has made headlines all over the world as a cat taking the best selfies ever. We guess it's fair to say that this kitty deserves all the attention he's been getting. Just look at those amazing photos - Manny even talks the dogs into posing for his selfies!

Cat takes selfie with a dog

This cat takes his photos with a GoPro camera and they're incredibly good

Manny the selfie cat poses with his dog friends

Cat plays with a GoPro camera

Manny the selfie cat's rise to fame began in 2014 when he was adopted

The cat used to wander around the streets with no one to love until, one day, he walked into Yorem Ahm's yard. "He just showed up one day and hasn't left," Ahm told ABC News. Even though the family already had four dogs and four cats, they decided to keep Manny, too.

Cat poses for a selfie in snow

Selfie cat posing with three dogs

Manny is "probably the most intelligent, inquisitive cat we've ever had"

Cat takes a hipster selfie with a sunset

"He is very curious [and] thinks he's a dog"

"Whenever I take pics of my dogs, he basically 'photobombs' the camera and tries to take it from me."

Cat holding a GoPro camera in forest

Why did Manny start taking selfies?

We did some digging and we found out that Manny wasn't taught the art of taking selfies, as it may seem. Apparently, this kitty learned to take photos of himself completely by accident. During one of the photoshoots of the dogs, Manny got curious and reached out to touch Yorem's GoPro camera and that's how his first selfie was born. 

Manny taking a selfie with another cat

How does Manny the cat take selfies?

The exact way how Manny takes his photos remains a secret, but we believe we cracked the code. It's quite likely that Manny's human sets his GoPro on a time-lapse mode for taking photos. Because the camera's red dot blinks each time a photo is taken, Manny the cat may be intrigued by it - it's a red dot after all! Because the GoPro takes multiple shots in a matter of seconds, at least one of the photos capture Manny reaching for the camera.

Manny the selfie cat looking sad in the snow

When Manny is not taking selfies, he enjoys skateboarding

Cat riding a skateboard

And just doing cat things

Manny the cat lying on grass

We'd definitely hang out with this cool cat!

Cat sticking his tongue out on a selfie

Source: Instagram (h/t)

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