The Funniest Wildlife Photos Of 2017 Have Been Announced (12 Pics)

Seeing how much our readers enjoyed the entries of the annual Comedy Wildlife Awards of 2017, we present you with the recently announced winners! What a better way to start 2018 than to laugh about 2017? It's been a ruff year, after all... Clumsy owls, laughing dormouses, and church-loving penguins will make up for at least a couple of weeks. Enjoy!

#1. "Uh, hello, anyone? Help?!"


Overall Winner 2017 “Help.” Winner Of Amazing Internet Portfolio Prize Tibor Kerccz For His Sequence Of 4 Owl Images

#2. "Eh what’s up doc?"

Watch you're looking at?

Highly Commended “Eh what’s up doc?” By Olivier Colle

#3. "Im shooketh"

And then she said what?!

Highly Commended “Wtf” By George Cathcart

#4. "I did not slap you, I high fived your face"

Let me through

Winner Of The Padi Under The Sea Category “Slap” By Troy Mayne

#5. "You're so off key, Margaret"

Mudskippers got talent

Highly Commended “Mudskippers Got Talent” By Daniel Trim

#6. "Snow's too cold for my footsies..."

Get ready to giggle!

Highly Commended “Hitching A Ride” By Daisy Gilardini

#7. Must have three-putted

Just gonna leave this here

#8. All dressed and ready for church

Just three penguins going to a church

#9. "Get OUT of my bathroom NOW!!!"

Cheering sea otter

#10. Monkey escape

See ya later, pal!

Highly Commended “Monkey-Escape” By Katy Laveck-Foster

#11. "I'm the boss"

Animal encounters

Highly Commended “Animal Encounters” By Jean Jacques Alcalay

#12. "SOOO ticklish"

The laughing dormouse

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