Clever Dog Makes People Passing By Play Fetch With Him

It's no secret that dogs love playing fetch - they could do it 24/7! Sadly, their humans have to go to work and do other boring adult stuff, so there's no one to throw the ball all day long... unless...

Caterina Dellabona was walking by someone's house when she noticed a weird sign, written in Italian

It read: “Please don’t throw the toy on the cacti (the dog will hurt itself). Throw either left or right thanks.” 

Dog sticking his toy through the fence

She was confused at first, but soon a dog came running towards the gate with a toy in his mouth - he asked to fetch it!

“He looked at us, wagging his tail, then picked his toy up and poked his head through the fence,” Dellabona told The Dodo.

The woman played with the friendly doggo for 10 minutes, and he was thrilled! Apparently, the dog keeps asking passersby to fetch him his toy, so his owners made the sign to make sure the game is always safe.

Dog offering his toy

And that's not the only case! This other dog from Canada has also learned to trick people passing by to play fetch with him

Dog throwing his toy

He keeps throwing his ball through the fence, and people feel obliged to throw it back to him 

It must be a border-collie thing because this smarty pants from the Netherlands is doing exactly the same thing!

Dog throwing her ball over the fence

She throws her ball over the fence and then sits in front of it, pretending she lost it, waiting for naive passersby to throw it back to her

... and it works like a charm! Humans are officially outsmarted by dogs

Strangers playing with dog


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