Magical Bond Between Children And Their Pets In 15 Heartwarming Photos

Russian photographer Elena Shumilova found her international fame documenting her two kids spending time with their pets. Later on, she continued to create more beautiful shots featuring other kids with their beloved animals, and they're just as magical. We've collected our favorite photos in the list below - have a look!

Dog lying on the floor with his dog

Girl lying on her horse

Little boy leaning to his dog

Child giving orders to dogs

Boy chasing ducks

Girl with her dog in a forest

Child sitting with a dog in a snowy forest

Little girl petting a calf

Girl walking a pony in a beach

Child nuzzling noses with a tiny bunny

Baby looking at a cat sitting nearby

Boy walking with his duck

Boy cuddling with his dog

Source: elenashumilova | Instagram | Flickr

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