15 Times Cats And Dogs Had To Live Together And Hated It

Cats and dogs have a hard time getting along because they're wired differently and misinterpret each other's body language. It doesn't mean you have to give up on your dream of having both pets, but you'll need to train them to tolerate each other by teaching the dog how to approach the cat calmly and rewarding the feline for good behavior. But it's not always easy, and things still tend to get ruff - just like in the list below! Scroll down and see what happens when cats and dogs have to live together and absolutely hate it!

#1. Before And After My Dog Realizes I’m In The Room

Dog pretends to be licking the cat when their owner sees them fighting

#2. My Pup Is Kind Of A Jerk

Dog pushes the cat off the bed

#3. "I Hate That Cat. I HATE It"

Dog sadly stares at the cat sleeping in its bed

#4. "Hey Look! Snow!"

Dog puts the cat in the snow

#5. Having A Cone Collar Fitted At The Vet Was Bad Enough, Then My Dog Had To Come Home To The Cat

Cat stepping on the dog wearing a cone

#6. My Cat Has Fun With Our Dog By Preventing Our Dog From Having Any Fun At All

#7. When Lucy Realized She's Outnumbered By Cats

Dog looks terrified as it realizes it is outnumbered by cats

#8. We Just Adopted A Dog, This Pic Sums Up How The Cat Feels About Him

Cat irritated about the newly adopted dog in the house

#9. The Things That Kitten Must Have Done To The Dog...

Dog extremely scared of a tiny kitten on the window pane

#10. Kittens Are Scary

Big dog scared of little kittens

#11. My Cat Doesn't Like My Dog, Taking His Hate To The Next Extreme...

Cat sits on the face of the dog

#12. My Cat Cat Disapproves Of Human/Dog Love... I Didn't Even Know She Could Do That Face

#13. This Dog Is So Afraid Of Disturbing The Cat He Tiptoes Past It

Dog tiptoes around the cat

#14. The Kitten Really Needs To Stop Bullying The Dog

Dog bullied by a cat

#15. "Beat It, Dog"

Cat does not let the dog get back to its bed

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