Here's How To Withdraw Money From ATM Safely (10 Pics)

You know that feeling when it's getting darker and you're about to withdraw some money? Exactly. Well, worry no more my friends because the Internet just found a perfect solution to this issue - huge dogs! Just look at these photos below - I bet no shady guy would ever approach you using ATM with these big boys by your side!

#1. How To Use The Cash Dispensing Machine Safely

Two big dogs guard their owner as she is using ATM

#2. "I See You, Mr. Hoodie!"

Dog carefully watches a dangerous looking guy as its owner is using ATM

#3. Using The ATM At Night

Dog guard their owner using ATM

#4. "I Could Totally Attack You If I Wanted To... With A Mean Tweet"

#5. Watching His Girl's Back

Huge dog guards its owner using ATM

#6. "Don't Even Think About It"

Dog guarding its owner using ATM

#7. This Good Boy Does Not Only Protect His Owner From Bad Guys, But Also Retrieves Cash

Trained dog using ATM for its disabled owner

#8. "Don't You Even Think About Getting Closer"

Woman with an aggressive looking dog next to ATM

#9. "Leave My Princess Alone Or I Will Lick You To Death"

Elegant lady withdrawing money with her German Shepherd

#10. "You Smell Better Than Chicken"

Girl withdrawing money from ATM with two massive dogs besides her

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