Dog Separated From Her Puppies Nurses Kittens Instead

Esperanza was just 1 year old when she got separated from her puppies and ended up in a local shelter in Mexico. About the same time, a litter of kittens found their way into the same shelter, too. Their bond was instant.

Meet Esperanza, the shelter dog, who, having lost her puppies, decided to care for orphaned kittens

Esperanza nursing kittens

She had so much love to give, and the kittens needed her to survive

Dog nurses kittens in Mexico

The kittens got so attached to their new mom, they would start crying each time she took a break to go outside

Shelter kittens sucking milk from a dog named Esperanza

The new family was doing fine, but Esperanza and her babies needed a real home badly

Esperanza the dog in a shelter in Mexico

Luckily for Esperanza, a family from the U.S. decided to adopt her

"We were on vacation in Playa Del Carmen in 2010," Evi Pover, Esperanza's owner, told The Dodo. "Three days in, we decided to pet kittens at Coco's Animal Welfare.

"As we were leaving, they asked if we'd like to see a dog who was nursing a litter of kittens. There was an instant bond between Esperanza and my son, so we decided to adopt her."

Esperanza posing with her new family - Evi Pover and her son

Pover made all the arrangements with the rescue to take Esperanza back to the U.S. as soon as she's done weaning her kittens. 

After two weeks, Esperanza was flown to JFK International Airport in New York to meet her new family. 

Though Esperanza was nervous at first, her eyes were full of hope

Esperanza laying in a bed

"My son ended up naming her Esperanza (Spanish for "Hope") because she gave hope to the kittens"

Esperanza the dog sleeping with her human

Coming from the streets, Espi didn't know how to be a dog yet, but the Povers were patient with her.

"When she first came to us, she did not know what dog food or toys were," said Pover

Esperanza looking sad

"We had to teach her. Now she hoards her toys and loves to play"

Dog named Espi playing with her toys

7 years fastforwad, Esperanza and Pover's son are the best of friends!

Dog playing with her human on the beach

"She's been a blessing. She's a really special girl"

And the kittens Esperanza was nursing? They've all found loving homes, too!

Dog laying in bed

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