The Saddest Pit-Bull Abandoned By Her Family Is Loved To Bits Now

The story of the 4-year-old pit bull mix named Electra has plucked on everyone's heartstrings. Last month, the poor thing was surrendered to a California shelter by her previous owners, and her reaction was absolutely heartbreaking. Luckily, Electra's video quickly went viral, and she was adopted by her foster mom who was smitten by the pittie's sweet personality.

Remember Electra, the devastated pit bull who was abandoned at a shelter by her owners?

Now she's happier than ever!

Electra looking super happy at her new home

Electra has been adopted by her foster mom Adriane Silvano - the woman fell in love with the pittie right away!

Electra on her freedom ride home

“She became a completely different dog,” said Tiffany Tan, the founder of JL Rescue

Electra playing with her toys

“She was happy, she was on the couch, she wanted to snuggle. She was just the sweetest thing ever”

"She loves other dogs. She loves kids. She’s great”

Electra looking a bit confused but happy

Watch the video here:

Source: Instagram (h/t)

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