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15 Vintage Cat Photos That Prove We've Always Been Obsessed With Cats

It may look like the Internet made cats the universal favorite animal, and that "the catlady" is a phenomenon of millenials, but the truth is that felines have always had a special place in our hearts. People have been obsessed with whimsical cat photos way before the digital age. Just look at the picss below - most of them were taken in the 19th century!

This whimsical photo was taken as early as 1870s by British photographer Harry Pointer...

Vintage cat holding another cat

... which proves that our obsession with ridiculous photos of cats (and cats in general) goes way back...

Vintage cat olaying a banjo

We've always worshipped their beauty and dapper looks...

... and cats knew it!

Crazy cat ladies existed way before The Simpsons...

...and felines have always had double feelings about it

... just like about the cute outfits we thoughtfully make for them

... or other mildly annoying things we do sometimes

But cats have always known how to make the best of their 9 lives...

... so a couple of embarrasing photos did not hurt

Cats have always been our furbabies...

... and they have always acted accordingly

"Sorry for interrupting" - said no cat ever

But no matter how much of an assholes they might look sometimes, cats have always been by our side in the darkest of times...

And that's why we love them so much!

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