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We've collected 15 of the funniest animals who did things for the first time and were so shocked by everything, you won't stop laughing!

Redditors have been uploading pics of their pooches acting weird, and some of them are so crazy, you will instantly feel better about your weird-ish doggo!


Dogs make everything better. Period.

"But I'm still a smol pupper"

They're pancakes in disguise

Who's a good dog, Storm? You are!

Alpacas have to be sheared annualy to stop their fleeces getting too long and causing them distress, and some people take it to a whole next level.

If a dog wants to roll on the ground, it will roll on the ground, and the more mess the woofer makes, the better. Sometimes, though, the mess is beautiful, especially when your furry friend rolls in some sidewalk chalk.

Last month, the 4-year-old pit bull mix named Electra was surrendered to a California shelter by her previous owners, and her reaction was absolutely heartbreaking. Luckily...


This poor doggie has the sweetest heart, but somehow he ended up at at a shelter when he was just 10 months old. For everyone's surprise, time kept passing and no one was...