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Tyler Wilson was refueling his car at a gas station in Kentucky when he was suddenly approached by a yellow lab with no owner.

Russ the pit bull came to ACCT Philly, an animal shelter in Philadelphia, in a really bad condition. The shelter was overcrowded at the time, and the beat up pooch was likely to be euthanised. Luckily, a kind dog walker stepped in just in time.

"It was pretty much non-stop frolicking and rough-housing"


It may be hard to believe, but not all cats and dogs hide in the darkest corner when someone says "bathtime." There's a small minority of pets that actually love getting their fur wet, and they do it with a style.


Meet Norman the Pomsky, the adorable Husky and Pomeranian mix that has been stealing hearts since 2016.

When things get a little ruff...

"They are a LOT of work in the beginning"


Get ready to see mother nature in all its glorious silliness

You think a cat's life is simple? Think again.


And you thought cats know better...