Student Begs Professor To Let Her Bring Her Dog To Class To Escape Hurricane In Time

Jessica Lewis wanted to leave her college town as soon as possible to escape Hurricane Irma, but there were a couple of problems in her way. She wanted to leave right after her last class, but that meant she would have to bring her dog to the class and that seemed a bit tricky. Lewis didn't have much hope her professor would let her do this, but she decided to ask him anyway. She wrote him a detailed email, and his response was perfect!

To escape approaching Hurricane Irma, Jessica Lewis decided to evacuate her college town and drive to her family near Atlanta

Selfie of Jessica Lewis

She wanted to bring her dog to her last class so she could save time and leave right after it ends

Jessica Lewis with her dog and family

The student had little hope her professor would let her do this...

Jessica Lewis email to her professor

...but she wrote him a detailed email anyway

Continuation of Jessica Lewis email to her professor where she asks if she can bring her dog to his class

Lewis even attached a couple photos of her dog, Luna, to soften the professor's heart...

Dog of Jessica Lewis

... and it totally worked! Her professor turned out to be a dog lover and was more than happy to let Luna listen to his class

The answer of Joshua Kennedy

"She was pretty well-behaved in class"

Joshua Kennedy with the dog he let stay during his class

"Just walked around and got pets from everyone and made friends"

Luna the dog giving kisses to one of the students at a class

"The really funny part was that every time the professor stopped and asked if anyone had questions or comments, she whined loudly like she was responding"

Luna the dog attending a class

"He loved having her and had no complaints at all"

Luna lying patiently next to a student during a class

Luna enjoyed the class so much, she even seemed a little bummed when she had to leave...

But Lewis couldn't be more happy. Thanks to the kind professor, they were able to evacuate safely in time!

Jessica Lewis with her dog Luna in a car


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